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Class Information

Fours Classes

Sally Bowen Kindergarten Class

Under Twos Class

Newnan Presbyterian Under 2s

Children must be six weeks of age. Our goal for the under 2s class is to begin the foundation they will need to be successful in preschool, to separate from mommy and daddy easily, be introduced to group activities and to have fun and be happy. The child to caregiver ratio is 8 to 2. Class meets 9:00-12:00

Twos Classes

NPS 2s learning

Our goal at NPS is for two year old students to learn to play cooperatively and to become increasingly self-sufficient as they become separated from their parent(s) for increasing amounts of time and developing a positive self-esteem. All twos classes will have Spanish, Music/Movement, Science, and Letters Alive Lab weekly. The twos also attend Chapel monthly.  All twos have a 12:2 student teacher ratio. Class meets 9:00-12:00

Threes Classes

NPS 3 year old investigates

Our goal at NPS for 3 year old students is for children to learn to become independent and to cooperate with both adults and peers in a classroom environment and to develop a love for learning that will be the building block for all future education. All Threes Classes will have Spanish, Music/Movement, Science, and Letters Alive Lab weekly. They will also attend Chapel once a month. The student-teacher ratio is 14:2. Must be potty trained. Class meets 9:00-12:00.

Fours Classes

4s class legos.jpg

Our goal for the 4 year old students is to be confident students with an excitement about learning that will be the foundation for success in primary school and beyond. All Fours Classes will have Spanish, Music/Movement, Science, and Letters Alive Lab weekly. They will also attend Chapel once a month. The student-teacher ratio is 16:2. Class meets 9:00-1:00

Our Primary Grades

NPS Kindergarten
5th graders.jpg

Children must be five by September 1st to begin our primary school classes in Kindergarten. Children bring a sack lunch daily.

Our primary grades expand upon the basics they have learned in Pre-K to ensure a successful, confident student. Primary grades classes have Spanish, Music, Technology, Physical Education, and Visual Art weekly. They attend Chapel monthly. The student teacher ratio for all classes Kindergarten and higher is 16:2. Class meets 8:15-2:15



Children aged 2 - 5th grade practice Spanish weekly.  The children learn to communicate in Spanish and have cultural experiences.


NPS Music Class

Children aged 2 - 5th grade explore many aspects of musical expression weekly. We develop an understanding of music through a variety of approaches. The children experience music through instruments, musical vocabulary, and movement with music.

Visual Art


Children Kindergarten - 5th grade focus o artistic expression and skills weekly. Exploring multiple mediums, children develop their creative abilities with our art teacher's encouragement and guidance. 

S.T.E.M. Lab

Elementary S.T.E.A.M. lab investigation

Children aged 2 - Kindergarden explore the intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics weekly in our engaging S.T.E.M. lab. 


type to learn.png

Children from Kindergarten to 5th grade develop their touch typing skills using Chromebooks in a fun, weekly special guided by Type to Learn. Our technology teacher also emphasizes proper ergonomics and a healthy approach to using technology resources.

Letters Alive

Letters Alive Special

Letters Alive is a weekly specials class for our preschoolers that is designed to help our early learners become proficient in reading, writing, and mathematics. The action, sounds, and engagement excite our students as the animals spring to life via augmented reality to provide an eye-popping, interactive 3D experience.


NPS Chapel

Children aged 2 - 2nd grade attend chapel monthly.  The children learn about God in a interactive way through songs, illustrations and stories.

Physical Education

NPS PE Special

Children aged 4 - 2nd grade learn in our weekly Physical Education class. We promote physical learning through play and movement. Children learn the importance of physical activity for a healthy body and mind alongside working as a team and building self-esteem.

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